Residential Containers

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RESIDENTIAL containers

We produce durable and warm year-round residential containers for the whole of Poland. As a nationwide builder of residential containers, we can offer you the cheapest option for a residential container with a kitchen and bathroom. We are characterized by a low price, fast implementation and a comprehensive approach! We build 35m2, 50m2 and other residential containers and offer extras such as air conditioning or additional doors. Our traditional option includes an insulated living container and electrical installation, as well as heating. To all this, let’s add the possibility of configuring the color of metal sheets, as well as walls and doors! Transport is cheap and additionally paid, and its price is determined by telephone. Modern residential pavilions are available in any capacity.

  • The 35m2 and 50m2 living container is well insulated (cool in summer, warm in winter), equipped with a complete electrical installation (lighting, sockets, heating).
  • It is possible to equip residential containers with additional windows and office / cloakroom furniture.
  • The cost of transport is to be agreed individually.
  • A living container with a kitchen and a bathroom can be equipped with elements such as: a toilet, a washbasin, a washbasin cabinet, a flow water heater, a water and sewage system and a shower.
  • The container can be equipped with additional doors, windows, alarm, air conditioner and other accessories.


Our company is one of the main regional companies producing residential containers with kitchen and bathroom for the whole country. Significant experience allows the group to be proud of a solid and valued brand. From the beginning, we focus on acquiring, as well as good relations with the fastest professionals – which results in one of the most competitive services for year-round residential containers. The priority for us is the instant acceptance of the client and the provision of the service. From the beginning, we make every effort to speed up all parts of our business so that nothing slows down the delivery of residential containers. The offer includes both the construction of a container, but also cheap transport! We provide full assistance in choosing the best container. Our expert and professional team will guarantee your satisfaction with our services! The low fee for a modern residential container (pavilion) comes from a high sales volume as well as developed methods!

Habitable container 10 x 3.40 m.

  • Steel construction, profile 100x50x3.0
  • Walls sandwich panel with polyurethane core
  • Flashings
  • Floor :
    – polyurethane plate
    – OSB
    – insulating underlay
    – Pacific Vinyl Pure OAK vinyl planks 1524X180X4 mm plus 1 mm backing
    – LAGRUS mdf slats
  • Roof
    – sandwich panel with
  • Izoroof polyurethane core
  • Anti-burglary exterior steel doors
  • Interior doors 80 cm x 2 pcs
    aluminum windows
    – 200×200 cm x 1 pc.
    – 220×600 x 1 pc.
    – fix 200×100 x 1 pc.
    – r/u 200×100 x 1 pc.
    – 50×50 x 1 pc.
  • Elevation – LIDERWOOD composite slats, Walnut color

Interior equipment:

  • Living room with kitchenette
  • Pacific Vinyl Pure OAK 1524X180X4 mm plus 1 mm backing
  • Decorative wall – wall panel, acoustic lamella on Max Stone felt
  • Kitchen furniture made of varnished board
  • Fridge
  • Induction hob
  • Spot ceiling lamp
  • LAGRUS mdf slats
  • Switches, electrical sockets


  • Pacific Vinyl Pure OAK 1524X180X4 mm plus 1 mm backing
  • Decorative slats
  • Ceiling lights
  • LAGRUS mdf slats
  • Electrical sockets, switches


  • Vinyl Marble Pietra
  • ROCKO Crema Valpolicella wall panel
  • LaVita compact toilet
  • A set of Joy washbasin and a suspended vanity unit 60 white
  • Joy round hanging mirror 60 cm with LED lighting
  • A set of shower cabin with a tray 80x80x201
  • Silhouet Shower System Damixa shower set
  • Silhouet Basin Mixer
  • Small washbasin mixer
  • Electric radiator 40/70 IP AMBRA with HOT heater
  • Ceiling lamp/plafond
  • Switches, electrical sockets

Certified electrical and hydraulic installation.


Modern residential containers, which we offer as their manufacturer, are made of high-quality sheets. We use polystyrene or polyurethane wall panels and steel structures. A single living container outside is impregnated and painted in the selected color. All-season residential containers produced by us can be 35 m2, 50 m2 and other sizes. Our price calculator lists all possible additions to the container along with their price. It can be additional windows, doors, blinds, sanitary fittings, air conditioner and others. Feel free to contact our consultant!

The price of a residential container starts from PLN 14,000 in the most basic variant and size of 15m2. Our price calculator offers the possibility to configure and review the price with additional elements and larger square footage.

What are the characteristics of your residential containers?

In the container, you can increase the area, add a frame, additional windows, doors (glass, double, tin). In addition, you can buy air conditioning, blinds, as well as bathroom equipment (toilet, washbasin, washbasin cabinet, battery, battery water heater, water and sewage installation, electrical installation and shower).

It is heated using electric heaters or an air conditioner if purchased separately.

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