Commercial Containers

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We build sealed and insulated trade containers for the whole of Poland. As a nationwide constructor of commercial containers, we can prepare the best service for you. We are distinguished by a low price, fast responsiveness and a full approach! We produce trade pavilions, and we also offer accessories such as air conditioning or additional doors. Our normal option includes a sealed container as well as electricity and heating. In addition, let’s add the option of configuring the color of sheets, walls and doors! Transport is inexpensive and additionally payable, and its price is agreed over the phone. Commercial containers (pavilions) are produced in any size.

  • Commercial containers are well insulated (cool in summer, warm in winter), equipped with a complete electrical installation (lighting, sockets, heating).
  • It is possible to equip the containers with additional windows and office/cloakroom furniture.
  • The cost of transport to be individually agreed.
    A commercial container is an excellent alternative to commercial premises that are expensive to rent
  • Perfect for running a small business!
  • The trade container can be used as a bazaar stand, a small bar, a traffic kiosk, an ice cream shop, a clothes stand, a seasonal point, a Christmas market, a beach equipment rental point, etc.


Our company is one of the most important regional companies offering commercial containers for the whole country. Extensive experience allows the group to boast of a strong and valued brand. From the beginning of our activity, we have focused on acquiring and the best possible contacts with the fastest advisors – which results in one of the most competitive offers for commercial containers. Timely customer service and service delivery are very important to our company. From the beginning, we try to make all elements of our work more efficient so that nothing slows down the delivery of commercial containers. The offer includes both the sale of a container, but also cheap transport. We provide full assistance in choosing a suitable container. Our professional and experienced team guarantees you the joy of taking advantage of our offer! The reasonable fee for the pavilion and commercial container comes from huge sales and developed methods.


The commercial containers that we offer as their manufacturer are made of high-quality metal sheets. We use polystyrene or polyurethane wall panels and steel structures. A single commercial container on the outside is impregnated and painted in the selected color. The modern commercial containers we manufacture are used primarily by companies and small businesses: shops, bars, seasonal stands, etc. The main advantage offered by a commercial container is the maintenance price lower than renting the premises! Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to answer all your questions!

The price of a commercial container is a cost starting from about PLN 15,000 in the most basic variant and size of 15m2. Our price calculator offers the possibility to configure and review the price with additional elements and larger square footage.

We offer modern, year-round commercial containers that look very good, are insulated and contain a complete electrical installation (lighting, sockets, heating). They can be used as a small shop, bazaar stand, bar, etc.

In the container, you can increase the area, add a frame, additional windows, doors (glass, double, tin). In addition, you can buy air conditioning, blinds, as well as bathroom equipment (toilet, washbasin, washbasin cabinet, battery, battery water heater, water and sewage installation, electrical installation and shower).

It is heated using electric heaters or an air conditioner if purchased separately.